encroacher bush covering former savannah south of Windhoek
encroacher bush covering former savannah south of Windhoek
fighting encroacher bush by generating a biomass value chain
fighting encroacher bush bygenerating a biomass value chain

Fighting for re-vitalising African savannahs

ORIGO is developing  projects in Southern Africa to help fighting the encroacher bush issue that has become a major problem for Sub-Saharan Africa. With our expertise in thermal and material use of wood and also with harvesting and quality control, ORIGO works on becoming one of the enablers of improved bush biomass usage and to help re-vitalising the savannahs. Our values are our drivers. For more information, check https://www.acacia-energy.com.na


ORIGO's management team also has vast experience in the development of Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plants. We founded NovusEnergy GmbH, a German company that developed and operated two biomass power plants. NovusEnergy was backed by a US based pension fund. Exit 2010.


ORIGO has also been co-founder to APOS GmbH in Wedel, GE in 2010. APOS is the leader in spectroscopy based measurement systems for the wood processing industry in Europe. Today, APOS is still managed by H. Unland of Origo but has exited from the investment some time ago.

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